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Not a Bank

Simplifying Business Since 2013.

We are economy builders.

We have injected over 90 million dollars into the US economy. Banks lack flexibility which is what a modern business owner needs most. After 2008 banks stopped lending to America's small businesses even though we make up over 50% of the GDP.

We are community contributors,

bringing accessible capital and fair financing to historically underserved areas and populations, allowing innovators to thrive in their hometowns.

We bring the experience

that comes from having seen it all. We have worked with over seven hundred thousand different businesses, each with their own challenges & goals.

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Cash flow is straightforward, a piece of cake, a snap when working simply.

Business capital can be accessible.

A Simple Solution

Merchant Cash Advance

Once approved, you are eligible to receive up to 200% of monthly revenue in a same day offer.

SBA Loans

A government guaranteed loan from a private bank. Monthly payments and low rates.

Business Line of Credit

A digital revolving business line at a fixed interest rate for qualified borrowers. $250,000 limit.

Asset Based Lending

Asset based lending leverages your business's assets for liquidity. Equipment, AR or Inventory

Remote Bookkeeping

Work with one of our trusted agents so you can focus on running the business.

Social Media Management

Our team curates original content to build brand awareness, with a focus on engagement.

Brand Design & Strategy

Our brand strategist works to develop your brands story, name, logo, font packs and palette.

Website Development

Our developers create one of a kind, custom built websites based on your requirements!

Connect your business

with the experts of keeping it simple

We Sync All The Moving Parts

Being a business owner takes acuity. It rests solely on your shoulders to navigate the ever changing market terrain. Your responsibility to understand how policy, competition and your business model effects your profits. We bring cohesion to your processes by facilitating fiscal and operations focused programs to support companies from start ups to multi million dollar a year firms.

The Wonder Of Fresh Perspective

Sometimes you are too close to the problem and it can be difficult to find a solution. Companies can easily become blind to problems that are often right in front of their noses. Simplified brings, fresh eyes, trained to spot the true issues holding your business back. Eyes that prove to be endlessly professional, creative, and connected.


Our internal processes were built with you in mind. Through automation of what we like to call "dead work" we find success and time to focus on what our clients truly need. Custom strategies. Join us in leaving a one size fits all approach in the past. Our amazing account managers love to build strategic options.

Expertise Isn't Easy

Our extensive small business knowledge gives us the ability to pass that information along. We learned every angle so our clients can focus on their passions. We believe it is imperative to build clients knowledge base, giving a full education in what products and tools may be most advantageous to their businesses during different phases of growth.

Accessibility Matters

We believe accessibility starts with quick funding for small businesses. You do not have time as a business owner to spend months waiting to get a small business loan. A merchant cash advance is a fast and easy way for most small businesses to access financing.

We Don't Have to Say It...

“Simplified's funding process made getting financing for hiring new employees a breeze. I received the money I needed at a great rate. Now I can continue to expand the business, and possibly open a second location."

Anthony Dunnel

Owner, Computer Repair, PA

"I recently launched a Shopify store and needed financing for inventory. Simplified made qualifying for the capital I needed possible while giving me a litany of options to choose from. I loved working with Simplified!"

Tara Whittaker

Founder & CEO, Ecommerce, WA

"I want to scale my business, and simplified built me the roadmap. Simplified's application process was streamlined and effective and the money was in my account within 24 hours of applying. Great service, would recommend."

Jacob Kransch

Owner, Franchise Operator, OH


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